Multistakeholder models in the era of Massive participation

Día y hora (Dia e hora): 16:15 a 17:15

Zoom Studio: Cartagena – Main Stage (Español)

Speakers: Nicolás Fiumarelli and David Aragort

Mediator: Juliana Novaes

The session aims to present what Multistakeholderism is, some examples in deep such as NETMundial and HLPDC. Bottom-up processes (such as IETF, RIRs, ICANN), new ways of massive participation, and drafting processes. Then some initial requirements for a Massive multistakeholder participative process will be presented and we will proceed to collaboratively discuss this new approach and reach some consensus for a possible Open source Youth Platform for nested comments, drafting, and categorization by stakeholder, topic, etc for the future of decision-making in Internet governance.